Voodoom Protonauts

by Gallileous

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Epidemie Records 2013


released 21 November 2014



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feeds for this album, this artist
Track Name: A Daub
thrown from the stars
tainted and degraded
deprived of honor
extorted from the cosmic womb

faceless, disembodied
a giant circle with spider-like eyes
eagle-wing presence
clothed in colours and shapes

in a dark cave
on the earthly vale
a blasphemer makes his sacrilege by brushes
it was to be a Deesis
but it became a daub.

moonlight shines in colours
reflecting light of stars
the painter forgets his heritage
his mother - Venus
his father - Mars
Track Name: Yeti Scalp
frosty grasp fossilized my beard
don’t cry for me I lost my way back,
when the eyes of the beast looked at me
I realized, that’s my place where my trophy is

I hold in my hands a Yeti Scalp

thrown to the tibetan heaven
with no god to save me, don’t cry for me
I’ll survive only a few days on fat and meat
frozen blood from the furry beast

I hold in my hands a Yeti Scalp
now it is too late I miss you
I hold in my hands a Yeti Scalp
I’m gone so far this time
I hold in my hands a Yeti Scalp

all the monks are dead
the smell of fear
turned into blood
don’t cry for me

I lost my chance to return home
but I hold in my hands Yeti scalp

If they ever would find me
this letter will be proof victory stars will glow
and I will hold in my hands Yeti Scalp
Track Name: Voodoom Protonauts
we are from the stars
you are unformed ones
fingerprints of Voodoom Protonauts
we are apostles, rays
mighty proto resonance

we are evidence of living outer space
we are the primordial form of Non-Equilibrium
we are Protonauts of Voodoom and the sign
of Panspermia Perpetum of the Electric Church
we are from and we are praying to the Sun

we are keepers of vortex DNA
we create You as tabula rasa
we tune your bio life plasma
on the Cosmic Frequency data
we are astral builders of the house of Ra
you ready to be a life are ya?
Track Name: The Green Fairy
all my life is black and white
there is only one way I would go
in solitude I look at a bottle
another one glass of the Green Fairy

like a flame on the match head
a bland shape crawls from a glass
transparent ghost like a shadow
divine charm of a woman’s shape

the prettiest of all phantoms
when you appeared I felt I was alive
now I wish only to see you again
and I won’t say to you “goodbye”

the Green Fairy, thou art my Lady
another one glass of the Green Fairy
tonight I write last rites in my diary
always with you – my Green Fairy

the prettiest of all phantoms!
when you appeared I felt I was alive
now I wish only to see you again
and I won’t say to you “goodbye”
Track Name: Brand New Cosmos
here in a wilderness
we lit bonfires at night
flames are dancing up to the sky
flames are touching a silvery Moon

we sing chants to the stars
we bow down to Mars
ritual of space travelers
ritual of the eternally exiled

we saw sunrises on a thousand planets

travelling through space trails
in search of our homeworld
abandoned eons before
we search for our home but home is here

billions of planets in our veins
undiscovered and unknown
without bonfires,
unseen for Us
Track Name: Omen of Death
mountain's Omen of Death
Omen of Death.

on the high mountain path
strange thing happened to me
I saw a grey phantom on my way
standing amidst the misty clouds
first I wanted to run away
down the slope (and break my neck)
suddenly the spectre disappeared
filled my heart with terror and fear.

I haven't seen this phantom again
a superstition clearly explains the meaning of this
I will die in the mountains because
I saw this phantom only once
third time should break the spell

mountain's Omen of Death
Omen of Death.
I'm looking for…
mountain's Omen of Death
Omen of Death